GeniPulse Comes Up With Latest Pharmacy Management Software to Manage Things Professionally

Pharmacy Management Software

GeniPulse Technologies is one of the most renowned companies in India that comes up with several software technologies to enhance the healthcare services.This company is considered to be the pioneer in developing such solutions. Further adding a couple of feathers to the cap, GeniPulse Technologies has now come up with Pharmacy Management Software and Laboratory Management Software. These two software solutions have revolutionized the way things are managed in the lab and pharma. Managing things on a day to day basis has become easier with the advent of the new software. GeniPulse Technologies' Laboratory Information System is Windows based. The software has got several ready to use features. These features make it very easier for faster implementation. The software consists of a complete package to make high-tech pathology laboratory. This is a system that uses the latest and state of the art technologies to manage the working of a lab in a better way. Using this software, you would be able to manage the data and also store all the data that is involved during diagnosis of the entire medical procedure. This software is considered to be a perfect IT solution for the labs. This is now being used extensively all over the world to efficiently manage the lab on a daily basis.

Laboratory Management Software

This software can be run independently and can also be integrated with existing software. The software allows all types of Pathology & Radiology reporting. The Lab Information System has a Barcode facility that includes bar code scanning and printing facilities. The other technological revolution from GeniPulse Technologies is the Pharma Management system. This software is also used across the world by many for managing the pharmacy shops efficiently. There are several ready to use features even in the pharma management system that help in faster implementation. This software has been specifically designed by people who have the rich experience in the pharma domain along with good business experience. The software is very useful in managing purchase, sale and stocking of drugs and other medical consumables. It gives a complete analysis of the sale and purchase ledgers. Few of the many features of lab information system include User Master, Test Master, Lab Unit Master, Patient Registration, Use Rights, Test Status, and Report Verification by Consultant and also Report Verification on workflows. The software also lets you print multiple test results on a single page or have facility to print different group tests on different page.