The Latest Pharmacy Management Software Makes Pharma Shops More Efficient

Hospital Management software

As a pioneer in developing software solutions for the healthcare industry, GeniPulse Technologies has come up with several software technologies that take healthcare services to the next level.GeniPulse Technologies has developed Hospital Management System and Laboratory Information System before and they have clicked big way in the healthcare industry. Most of the hospitals rely on these software’s’ for providing efficient services to the patients. Right from its inception, the company has grown to the level of becoming the most trusted brand in delivering end to end solutions in a better and affordable way. The solutions that the company provides cater to both small scale enterprises and large scale enterprises. GeniPulse Technologies takes pride in coming up with yet another innovation called the Pharmacy Management Software. The latest and state of the art pharma management software that is very efficient for pharma shops. The software makes the lives of the people managing the pharma shops easier as it has got several ready to use features which makes it very suitable for quick implementation. The software has been designed by a well-qualified team that also has a very rich experience in the healthcare industry and has a domain expertise and business experience.

Laboratory Management Software 

With the help of the software, you would be able to manage purchase with much more efficiency. The software manages sale and stocking of drugs and other medical consumables and also provides you with a complete analysis of sale and purchase ledgers. The software comes with so many crazily interesting features. Some of the features include User Master, Product Master, Unit Master, Patient Registration, Use Rights, Sales database, Inventory database, Drug database, International Standards Extensive Drug Database, Add-Edit Consultant, Turn Around time of Sale, Cash Collection and Billing Facility, Integrated Accounts Module, Short Cut key for fast Data Entry, Fast Patient Search and others. The software has got a great LAN connectivity which enables any user to operate from any terminal. Another major advantage of using this software is that any person can do the billing. As a result, you now no longer have to depend on skilled manpower for billing purposes. You can reduce the dependency of skilled manpower. The software comes with an integrated and robust design and an easy to use Graphical User Interface. The software also provides you with the facility of exporting the reports to Word, PDF, excel etc. The billing time is reduced substantially as the billing can be done at a greater speed.